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Quicksilver Consulting and HMIS

Our involvement in HMIS

From 2004 through 2008, Quicksilver Consulting worked to help community-based organizations address the mandates of HMIS, the "Homeless Management Information System" required for recipients of homelessness funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Quicksilver developed Sparrow, a free package of software, forms and procedures to help local communities meet the HMIS requirements with a minimum of effort and expense.

Since 2008, HUD's requirements for HMIS have grown and changed substantially. Quicksilver has not had the resources to keep Sparrow in line with HUD's changing standards and reporting requirements, and so we have had to remove Sparrow from active distribution.

We still believe strongly in the concept of free HMIS software. Currently, HMIS software on the commercial market is expensive, difficult to maintain, and only imperfectly matched to HUD requirements. Organizations that care for homeless people are already chronically over-worked and under-funded; the last thing they need is to spend vanishing service dollars on bad technology for questionable goals. Since HUD requires its grantees to implement HMIS, we call upon HUD to provide a free software package to support that requirement. Until it does so, service agencies across America will continue to spend millions of dollars on poor software, instead of on the needs of vulnerable men, women and children.

have you heard...?

February 2015: Quicksilver renews its database grant program, offering a full package of database development and training to selected organizations at no cost

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