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what our clients say

“Thank you again for your tremendous work on the THP-Plus database. It's fantastic! Right now we have data on over 1,000 participants stored in the system, which exceeds our initial estimates. I really appreciate your flexibility throughout the development process and your willingness to work with us on such a short timeframe.”

“We gave a demonstration to our board and they were very impressed. It is exciting to be almost done! Thanks again for being so patient with us and really working hard to make this project come together for us; we really appreciate it!”

“I can happily say .....The quality of your consultation more than paid for itself. With a minimal front-end investment of expert attention to designing the right queries - via your consultation, we have saved countless expensive hours conducting fruitless searches and posing inadequate queries.....And....Our CDBG reports went off without a hitch - which has never happened in our history! It's almost like you zoomed in and performed a chiropractic maneuver that set us on the right track moving forward.”

“We want to thank you so much for all of your hard work over the years in designing, creating and maintaining our database software. You've always been very patient and responsive in a variety of ways: answering our many technical questions, helping design new and revised data entry forms, and providing initial and ongoing training and technical assistance to staff in our four collaborative regions.”

have you heard...?

February 2015: Quicksilver renews its database grant program, offering a full package of database development and training to selected organizations at no cost

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