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Quicksilver Consulting

Quicksilver Consulting was founded in 1993 by Josh Senyak. Since that time, we have helped dozens of clients in the nonprofit and public sectors to meet their information management needs.


Quicksilver Consulting specializes in all areas of database consulting:
  • Needs assessment
  • Database planning
  • Software design and production
  • Software revisions and maintenance
  • Training
  • Data conversion and analysis
We also offer technical writing, technology evaluations, project management, technical staff hiring, and overall organizational technology planning.

Lots of nonprofits use Quicksilver as a free resource to answer database-related questions that may arise. If you have a question, feel free to give us a call or an email. If we can give you a quick answer or referral, we will! Check out our archive of client questions and answers, mostly on topics of Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.

We focus on nonprofits

Quicksilver Consulting works almost exclusively with agencies in the nonprofit and public sectors. We understand the goals and culture of the nonprofit world, and we have many years of experience in specific fields in the human services, arts, sciences, and environmental protection. We also share in the ethic of giving back to the community, through ongoing donations of time, money and expertise.

Client-centered consulting

The nonprofit and public sectors present a unique environment. Typically, budgets are limited, technology infrastructure may be outdated or troublesome, and in-house technical support is often thin on the ground. To meet the special challenges of this environment, we always look for the simplest, most efficient solution to meet our clients' needs. We'll never recommend a costly “bells and whistles” solution if we can find a simpler, less expensive way to get the results you need. This “small is beautiful” approach also helps tame ongoing overhead costs for maintenance and training.

Technical skills are important, but they're not enough. A technology consultant must also have outstanding communication and project management skills. There shouldn't be any mystery in the technologies you use for organizing your information. We have to understand your project — its goals, culture, structure, and operations — in order to give you the best possible consulting services. We also need to make sure you get all the common-sense information you need to make good decisions about technology. We don't love technology for its own sake. We love it if — and only if — it helps you do your job better and more easily.

Our people

Quicksilver Consulting is a sole proprietorship founded by Josh Senyak. While most consulting work is carried out by Josh himself, we also work with a team of extraordinary subcontractors that join projects as needed.

have you heard...?

February 2015: Quicksilver renews its database grant program, offering a full package of database development and training to selected organizations at no cost

Please contact us!

(510) 233-7886
1418 Liberty Street
El Cerrito, CA 94530-2224