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about Josh Senyak

Josh Senyak, the president and founder of Quicksilver Consulting, has been helping nonprofits with their database needs since 1989 (that’s the era of dBASE II, for you fans of ancient history). As a Senior Associate at CompuMentor from 1999–2004, he managed public/private projects involving Pac Bell and Hewlett-Packard, and helped to build CompuMentor’s program for Community Technology Centers. Josh has written articles, taught classes, and spoken in panels on topics such as community technology, the Digital Divide, and data sharing collaboratives. Before CompuMentor, Josh spent several years in front-line client service environments, especially involving homelessness. His writing and communication skills were sharpened during early years as a science writer and editor at the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco.

In civilian life, Josh also writes fiction, plays music, and raises two unstoppable daughters, both of whom are pressed into occasional service for Quicksilver’s web design.

have you heard...?

February 2015: Quicksilver renews its database grant program, offering a full package of database development and training to selected organizations at no cost

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