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quicksilver consulting's database grant program

What is the Database Grant Program?

Quicksilver Consulting is offering a limited number of full-service database grants to selected nonprofit organizations. Grantees will receive a complete database development package from Quicksilver, including custom-designed database software, installation, training, and follow-up. In some cases we can also include data conversion from an existing database.

There is no cost to the grantee. Packages delivered under the Database Grant Program would typically cost $5000 - $9000, if charged at Quicksilver's usual fees.

Quicksilver plans to award two to three grants per year under this program.

What kind of databases can be developed in the Database Grant Program?

Currently, Quicksilver Consulting is offering two types of databases in its Grant Program:
  • Microsoft Access databases for desktop or small network use
  • Web databases using mySQL and PHP; these are usually relatively simple (four or five forms only)
What organizations are eligible?

Your nonprofit organization should consider applying for a Database Grant if it meets these criteria:
  • Located in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Can show a record of important service to the community (especially to vulnerable or underserved populations)
  • Can show how a new database would significantly improve the organization's productivity or capacity
  • Has the staff, computers, and experience needed to support the database once it's been built and installed
  • Lacks the financial resources to pay for database services.
What should successful grantees expect?

Successful grantees pay nothing for database services under the Database Grant Program. However, be aware that key staff will need to spend at least 15 to 20 hours working with Quicksilver consultants, so that we can understand your database needs as well as the existing work-flows in your organization.

Your agency must provide staff, hardware, etc. as needed to run the database. For example, you will need to assign someone to act as database administrator and someone to carry out data entry; you will also need at least one computer. Depending on your specific database, you may also need a network, Internet connectivity, DBMS software (such as Microsoft Access), web hosting services, etc. While Quicksilver will help advise you on how to find the staff and services you need, our Grant Program can't locate or acquire them for you.

Database projects under this program usually take from four to twelve months from inception to completion. If the database needs are relatively simple, it's possible to complete the project in just a few months.

How do we apply for a Database Grant?

Fill out our Database Grant Program application and submit it via email or surface mail to the address below.

We will contact you (usually within two to three weeks) to let you know whether the application was accepted for a grant. Once an application is accepted, our staff will be assigned based on availability.

If you have any questions about the Database Grant Program, please contact us! We'd be delighted to discuss the program and help you consider your application.

have you heard...?

February 2015: Quicksilver renews its database grant program, offering a full package of database development and training to selected organizations at no cost

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